Best Day To Shop At Your Favorite Websites…And Save Money

To take advantage of clearance items, I decided it was time to research the best times to shop on your favorite online sites. I considered things such as the day they release online coupon codes, mark down their prices, and add new items into the clearance section on their website. This information can be used to help you determine the best days to shop online.


Michaels releases new online and in-store coupons every Sunday morning. They usually last for around 4-5 days. If you don’t see a coupon when you shop on their website, it’s likely that you are shopping on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. You can get a new coupon deal by waiting until Sunday.

Office Depot/

An employee at Office Depot told me that Sunday shopping is a great time to shop on their website and take advantage of the new clearance items in their Deal Center. The same applies to Office Max, as the two companies were merged last year. Their online coupons tend to be available on Monday and Sunday of each week.



Abe Books is a book and textbook seller that sells books through over 1,000 individual booksellers around the globe. Over the past few months, I have noticed a pattern in Abe’s daily updates to this page. They add a new bookeller every Monday that offers limited-time promotions. The percent discount each seller offers varies between 10% and 50%.

Barnes &

It’s not clear if this is a book thing but Monday is the best day to shop at Barnes & Most of their coupons expire within a few days and are usually released Sunday night or Monday morning. To maximize your savings, you will want to shop early in order to get the best deals.

Staples will release the majority of their coupon and deal codes on Mondays. They also load up their online clearance section, which is filled with new deals. If you can wait until Monday morning you will be able to save some money on your online purchases.

Tuesday will give you a great coupon code if you shop on Tuesdays. Our database shows that over half of the coupons they release are released on Tuesdays. You can save up to 40% on your entire order online


Over the past six month, I have tracked Lands’ End’s online coupon release dates. Tuesday is the best day to shop. You can shop on Tuesday to get the latest Lands’ End coupons, including sitewide savings and exclusive deals within certain clothing categories. They try to get weekend shoppers on Thursday, which is close behind.



The Banana Republic website adds new items to its “Sale” category every Wednesday morning. They also often release new coupons the same day. You’ll have first access to new products and more chances to find the right size. Plus, you can shop with a coupon code.


You must start shopping on Wednesday if you are a regular shopper at Children’s Place. For a Wednesday live date, we receive 65% of their new coupons Tuesday night. Look out for the rare 50% discount coupon and free shipping, which usually appear on the third Wednesday of each month.

Home’s marketing team sends us coupons and deals every Wednesday morning. These coupons usually last for a few days. The deals are generally good through the weekend on things like flooring, lighting, and outdoor furniture.



Coupon codes for New Old Navy are usually found on Thursday mornings and last through Sunday night. You should not expect to find anything higher than 15%, but coupons that offer discounts of 30% and 40% are quite common.


Ann Taylor is well-known for its crazy coupon codes. They are almost always available on Thursdays and last through the weekend. Be wary of coupon companies that raise their prices just before they release a new coupon. You can save big by combining a sitewide sale and a Thursday-released coupon.

Macy’ offers weekly coupons on Thursdays if you shop often. These coupons are usually valid through Sunday. While you don’t necessarily have to shop on Thursday, it is a good idea to avoid shopping online Monday through Wednesday. is open Thursdays for you to shop for your furry friend. For a Thursday release, we receive more than 50% of our Petsmart coupon codes on Wednesday afternoons. Coupons usually last only a few days so if shopping early in the week you will want to wait until Thursday.

American Eagle

American Eagle usually releases new coupon codes on Thursdays. The coupon code is usually valid through Sunday. Sometimes, it can be extended to Monday. Take 20% off coupons codes, and get 40% off rare coupon codes. Plus, you can get free shipping on long holidays weekends.

Dick’s Sporting

The best day to shop on Dick’s website is Thursday This is the time they are most likely to offer a coupon for your online shopping. These coupons are often limited in their validity so make sure you shop on a Thursday or Friday to get the best deals.



Every Friday, we receive an email from Best Buy informing us about new coupons and deals. Coupons are usually for 20% off small appliances, or a dollar off new music albums. These deals usually offer savings on HDTVs, laptops and appliances.


Kohl’s frequently releases new coupon codes Friday mornings in an effort to attract weekend shoppers. They last for the entire weekend. Rather-Be Shopping receives over 60% of all new Kohl’s coupons codes on Friday. You can save money if you wait until the weekend to shop at Kohl’s.


Cost Plus World

Saturday is a great day for Cost Plus shoppers, whether it’s a coupon extension or a 25% discount code. We often get new coupons on Fridays to post over the weekend. They also fill up their clearance section on Saturday with new deals.

A friend of mine works in Target’s e-commerce department. He told me that they update their clearance section every weekend, starting Saturday. Their coupons are often issued randomly throughout the week. However, they have new clearance items that are added on Saturday morning.

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