Best Times To Go Clothing Shopping Throughout The Year

Do you ever wonder when are the best times to shop for clothes? If you are like me, you have. Fashion and clothes are a passion of mine, but they can be expensive. There is a way to have your cake AND eat it! It’s as easy as knowing when the best deals and discounts are available at which times of the year. This list will help you save money on clothing shopping.

Season End

The best time to shop for clothing is at the end of the season. Clothes from the previous season that are no longer in fashion will be heavily discounted when there is a major season shift, such as the transition between summer and fall. You won’t find great sales at spring, as spring clothes can be just as useful in the summer and fall, while sales will be limited at fall. This is because fall wear is still highly sought-after during the winter season. To find amazing deals, it is best to shop at the end-of-winter (late January, early Februar) and the beginning of summer (late August or early September).

Boxing Day

Canadians aren’t allowed to participate in Boxing Day. This surprised me. Let me explain Boxing Day to my southern neighbours and anyone else who isn’t familiar. Boxing Day is a similar American holiday, which sees retailers extend their business hours to offer customers discounts of up to 80% on merchandise and products. If you are ever in Canada during the holiday season, make sure to stay on December 26 for intense shopping.

Black Friday

Black Friday, the same concept as Boxing Day and Black Friday, is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. This is the day when retailers offer incredible discounts and incentives to customers. Take advantage of these great deals for all those who visit the States over Thanksgiving weekend.

White Sale (January)

It’s surprising to me how few people have ever heard of White Sales! Retailers try to get customers to shop during white sales, which are usually held in January. Retailers offer discounts to increase sales because traffic to stores is usually lower after holidays. Although the sales are not as great as the holiday sales, they are still the best for the next few weeks.

After Major Holidays

Retailers stock up on formal wear for holidays so they tend to stock up on dresses and more refined clothing. But once the holidays have ended, shoppers stop looking for expensive clothes and retailers begin to get rid of holiday stock. If you are looking for fancy clothing or dresses at a lower price, consider shopping for formal wear after major holidays such as Christmas and New Years Eves.

Back To School (September)

It’s back-to school time! Many people are also returning from vacation and updating their fall wardrobe. Many stores that only sell adult clothing offer discounts and sales to help children get a new wardrobe. Sales for back-to-school usually begin in August or September. These sales are generally okay and often the only way to get fall fashions at a reasonable price.

Spring Break

Many people travel to spring break, and they love to shop for new clothes while on vacation. Retailers know that customers won’t spend a lot on clothes after they have already paid for a hotel and flight. Because these are the items customers want to wear on their vacation, most retailers have reasonable sales on tees and shorts, skirts and dresses.

Retail therapy is something we all need… It is something I need at least 3-4 times per week. My bank account is not happy with me. To satisfy my closet’s needs and my bank account, I wait for great sales to get more bang for the buck. Are there other times in the year that shopping isn’t too expensive?

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