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About Exeter Record Fair

The South-West's first ever record fair — Exeter Record & CD Fair — remains the region's biggest and is a must for all collectors, music lovers and bargain hunters.

IT WAS established at Sidwell Street Methodist Church Hall in 1980 by Colin Woodcock of Friction Records. The fair is now organised by John Griffiths of Handsome Dicks Records.

That first fair had just 10 stalls. After a year (or two?) it moved to a night club called Winstons (quite near the current venue) and after several years more moved to its current location, the wonderful St. Georges Hall on Market Street.

Its hard earned reputation means it regularly attracts dealers from as far a field as Newcastle and Blackpool, as well as customers from Japan, Canada and Europe.

Why not come along to see for yourself why Exeter Record & CD Fair continues to be an outstanding success?

We're also keen to hear your suggestions and comments about the event, and how you think it could be improved via sales@handsomedicksrecords.co.uk